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What to do to complete iron deficiency in the body and better development of the mind? Learn WHO guidelines


Iron is very important for every person from birth to old age. Learn how to complete iron deficiency in the body according to WHO.

Due to lack of iron in the body, the body is able to make bloodless. This disease is called anemia. You may be surprised to know that more than 50% of women in India are fighting anemia. Iron is most needed in the body when a woman is pregnant. According to the WHO, 61.4 crore women and 28 crore children worldwide suffer from anemia. Lack of iron in the body during pregnancy can prove to be dangerous for the mother as well as the child. There are many symptoms of iron deficiency in the body, which have been described further. Apart from this, the WHO has issued guidelines to meet the iron deficiency, which you can follow to fulfill this deficiency.

Iron deficiency affects the lives of children

Iron is necessary for everyone. But the WHO states that if a pregnant woman is deficient in iron in the last trimester of pregnancy, it will have a negative impact on the development of the understanding of the child. If children under 2 years of age are deficient in iron, it affects their brain development. Such children are weak in education because their ability to learn is not developed properly. Apart from this, such children are also mentally weak.

Why is iron important for the body?

Iron is necessary for the body because iron itself supplies oxygen in the body. In addition, iron is also essential for DNA synthesis and metabolism. The global report states that iron deficiency is most commonly found in women and children. There are fewer cases of deficiency in men.

Iron deficiency problems (hint)

Iron deficiency causes fatigue.

The efficiency of hard work is reduced and performance is affected.
Iron deficiency during pregnancy makes the baby weak and light.
Period disturbances in women are also a sign of iron deficiency.
This increases the risk of many infectious diseases. (Coronavirus disease that is currently wreaking havoc is also one of them.

WHO guideline to meet the iron deficiency

According to the WHO, most people’s body iron needs are met by daily catering. People whose food is disturbed, their body is deficient in iron. This has been seen more especially among women from poor countries. For this, WHO says that iron pills should be consumed after consulting the health experts. Pregnant women can get these iron tablets from the government hospital for free. Apart from this, adopt these things also.

Eat more vitamin C foods as vitamin C helps the ionizer to be absorbed into the body.
Never consume tea and coffee with or immediately after meals as it stops the absorption of iron.

Vitamin C is good in all citrus fruits, so it should be consumed.

After birth, breast milk should be given to the baby for at least 6 months. This leads to complete immunity with iron deficiency.
Cow milk can be harmful to infants, so do not drink cow’s milk. Cow’s milk can cause internal bleeding in the baby’s intestines.
Feed healthy homemade food to young children at least 4-5 times a day, so that their body can get nutritious elements.


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