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These 5 mistakes made after bathing daily start showing you old, change your habit


These 5 mistakes made after bathing damage your hair and skin. In the long run, these mistakes make you look old before age.

Do you ever wonder how some people look young for a long time, while some people start looking old at a young age? Actually looking old and your age has no conditional relationship. Some people adopt good habits and maintain their youth for a long time. Whether a person is old or not is known by looking at his skin and his hair. And if you do not take care of your skin and hair properly, then you are bound to see old age soon.

After bathing every day, people often make such mistakes, which affect both their skin and hair. Due to these mistakes, many people appear older than their age, so many people start to look old at the age of 40-45. These are common norms that can be changed. So today we are telling you some such special habits, which can be changed by keeping your look young for a long time.

Soap on face and hair while bathing

If you apply soap on your face and hair while taking a bath, it affects your face and hair. Actually, normal soap is very harsh and the skin of the face is very sensitive. So while bathing you should apply soap on the rest of the body, but do not apply soap on face and hair. There are facewashes for face wash, which are designed for specific facial skin and shampoos to wash hair. Yes, some special moisturizing soaps that are light and creamy can also be applied on the face. But by applying all other normal soaps, the skin of the face becomes dry and wrinkles start coming soon.
Use of the wrong towel

If you use an old towel to wipe the face and hair, whose hair is damaged or too hard, then this mistake can also be very heavy for your skin in the long run. Always use a soft weft towel to wipe water from the sensitive and delicate skin of the face. If your towels are damaged, then it is better to bring a new towel. Similarly, hair should not be wiped with hand towels. Wiping water with such towels causes both skin and hair damage.
Do not apply moisturizer after bathing

As already stated, soap is harsher for your skin, but to clean the dirt, one has to take a bath. In such a situation, if you do not apply moisturizer or body lotion on your whole body immediately after bathing, then your skin will become dry and white-white cracks will appear. If you do the same condition of the skin daily, then within a short time the skin will become loose and you will start to look old. Dry water after bathing and then immediately apply moisturizer all over the body. Even before going to sleep at night, apply a light moisturizer on your face.

Do not apply hair oil

This is a mistake that people often make. Even though the hair is inanimate, we are part of our body and they also need nutritious elements to stay healthy. If you apply hair gel, hair cream type things to your hair, but never apply oil, then your hair will soon start weakening and falling. Applying massage on hair at least 1-2 times a week is very important. For this too, it is better to use natural oils like olive oil such as olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, sesame oil, castor oil, etc. This will nourish hair and keep hair strong.

Wet hair comb

Hair also plays a big role in making you look young. If your hair falls quickly, you will start to look old. But many times we have been taught wrong habits since childhood, due to which we have lost a lot of hair by growing up. One big mistake people make is that after bathing, they blow the hair very hard and remove the water and then comb on half the wet hair. This habit causes hair loss. By shaking hair, jerking with hands, etc., hair becomes weak from roots. Apart from this, combing daily in wet hair also causes damage to the hair. You should always comb them after drying the hair properly.


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