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Heat Stress: Heat stress can be caused by rising body temperature, know home remedies to reduce body heat


In summer the body temperature can be above normal, which can cause you to heat stress.

Usually, many people go through body heat in the summer season. Increased body temperature increases the heat in your body so that you feel heat stress. Body heat can be caused by excess heat and certain foods or other factors. It is especially possible to have heat stress or body heat if you spend time in the sun or do some activity. In addition, wearing tight-fitting or synthetic clothing or eating spicy and certain nuts, meats, and high protein foods can contribute to reducing stress. In addition, some medical problems can also affect body temperature. Let us show you some home remedies, which can reduce heat stress or body heat.
Soak feet in cold water

You can relax by keeping your feet in cold water for some time to reduce body heat. By doing this your body will get rest. For this, you just pour cold water and ice cubes in a bucket of water. Now dip your feet in it for about 15 to 20 minutes. If you want, you can also add two to four drops of essential mint to it.


Buttermilk is considered a hydrating drink, drinking it helps your body improve coolness and metabolism. Buttermilk is rich in many nutrients and provides you relief and energy in the heat body. You can drink honey by adding 1 glass of cold buttermilk.


Peppermint or peppermint is known for cooling the body due to its high menthol properties. You can make and drink hot or iced peppermint tea. You will also get peppermint very easily.
coconut water

Coconut water helps keep your body fresh and hydrated. Be it body heat or heat stroke, drinking coconut water is the best option for you. The vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes in coconut water make it effective and it is a good way to relieve your heat stress.

Fenugreek can also control your body temperature, ie reduce body heat. If you make and drink fenugreek tea, it will help in sweating and make you cool. If you want it, drink it hot or cold.

Hydrating Fruit and Juice Foods

You can take some fruits and juices that have hydrating properties. Such as melon, cucumber, and strawberry. Apart from this, you can drink fruit juice like oranges or sugarcane juice, etc.


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