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Health Tips: Do not forget to eat these things with tea or milk, it may affect your health


You should avoid eating iron-rich foods along with tea or milk, it can be harmful to your health.

Eating certain foods together can reduce the nutrients they provide and can also be harmful to your health. Because some foods are such that they are opposite to each other and if they are eaten together, it can have a bad effect on health. By the way, there are some common things we all know, like curd with fish and drinking milk with chicken or mutton can be harmful. Here we are telling you here what foods you should avoid with tea or milk.
Do not eat nuts or green vegetables with tea

Consuming tea not only on an empty stomach but drinking tea with iron-rich foods can also damage your health. Some compounds found in tea are called tannins and oxalates, which can inhibit the absorption of iron, especially plant-based iron. These compounds can inhibit the absorption of iron inside the body. The highest amount of tannin is in black tea and also in green tea, white tea, and oolong tea. Therefore, you should avoid consuming plant-based iron such as nuts, dried nuts or seeds, green leafy vegetables, whole grains, and beans with tea anytime.

Soaked nuts with calcium-rich foods

Most nuts contain a compound in the outer surface, called phytic acid. It is considered an anti-nutrient and can reduce the absorption of calcium, iron, and zinc by eating. Almonds have the highest amount of phytic acid. Therefore, do not eat soaked nuts with calcium-rich foods. This is also one of the reasons why soaked nuts are recommended to be eaten, nuts soaked overnight may reduce phytic acid content and increase mineral absorption.
Yogurt with milk

You should never eat milk and curd together. Even though yogurt and milk are sourced from the same source, the combination of milk and yogurt may cause gastric irritation or indigestion in some people. So it is better that you avoid consuming these two together.

Milk and iron-rich foods

Just as milk with iron should be avoided with tea, so should milk. Because it can be harmful to consume iron-rich foods or iron supplements with dairy products anytime. Calcium present in milk or dairy products may reduce the absorption of iron in the flour, so it is a good idea to consume them at different times, rather than at the same time.

Disadvantages of incorrect eating combinations

If you have the wrong combination of foods, there can be many bad effects on your health:

Vata, Pitta and Kapha Disturbances

Indigestion or inflammation

Constipation or diarrhea


Nutritional deficiencies in the body


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