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Guava Leaf Tea: Guava tea is full of many benefits for health, learn some of its disadvantages and how to make it


Guava tea: It is very beneficial for patients with diabetes, heart disease, and cholesterol. Let us know about the advantages and disadvantages here.

Guava tea has been very popular since ancient times. This tea is known for its medicinal properties. This is the reason why it is counted in the category of herbal tea. Guava tea is prepared by the leaves of guava, which are loaded with antioxidants as well as nutrients such as flavonoids and quercetin. This tea is very popular in tropical countries and is also becoming popular in other parts of the world. Let us here tell you some advantages and disadvantages of this tea made from guava leaves.

Amazing benefits of guava tea

Guava tea does not have many health benefits, which will motivate you to make a cup right now. This tea is helpful in controlling diabetes, enhancing digestion, and also in weight loss.

For diabetes patients

Health experts and some scientific studies have shown that guava leaves have blood sugar controlling properties in the body. Guava and its leaves are rich in nutrients, it has a good amount of potassium, vitamins, and antioxidants, due to which it is helpful in controlling your blood sugar. You can keep your glucose level under control with a cup of tea daily.

Beneficial in stomach health

People with sensitive stomachs should drink guava leaf tea regularly. Because it makes your stomach healthy as well as it can give relief to people suffering from diarrhea. This tea will help reduce the symptoms of diarrhea as it is an anti-bacterial and thus helpful in eliminating toxins from the stomach.

Beneficial for both heart and mind

Guava leaves are found to reduce triglyceride and cholesterol levels in the body. Apart from this, they also control blood pressure which can protect you from stroke, heart attack, atherosclerosis, and coronary heart disease. One cup of guava tea daily will help in keeping your heart healthy. Not only this, drinking this tea will keep you relaxed and your mind will also remain calm.

Best to lose weight

This rich tea made with guava leaves can also help you lose weight. It increases your metabolism and helps you burn more calories and stay active throughout the day.
For healthy skin

Guava leaves contain antioxidant phenolic compounds, which effectively reduce oxidative stress and combat free radicals. So that your skin remains healthy and glowing. It also reduces wrinkles and other signs of aging with fine lines, so that you don’t look premature.

Get rid of insomnia

Some studies suggest that the active ingredients in guava can improve hormone levels in the body, which helps to correct your sleep cycle.
Disadvantages of Guava Tea

Although this tea is good for your health, for some people, this tea may have some side effects as well.

For pregnant women: Guava tea is not safe for pregnant women, however, there is no evidence for this.

Constipation: Some people may experience constipation after drinking guava leaf tea. However, this possibility is very low, but you should consult a doctor before incorporating this tea.

How to make Guava leaves tea at home?

If you have guava leaves, then you must try this tea. Here are steps to make your cup of guava tea.

First, put a cup of water in a pot and boil it.
Now add some fresh guava leaves.
Keep them in water for 10-15 minutes.
Now leave this mixture for a while and serve tea in a cup after that.
You can add lemon, cinnamon, or honey to taste it.


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