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Asthenia: Muscle spasms and fatigue are signs of ‘weakness’, know the reasons, symptoms and natural cures


Asthenia: Weakness is also called powerlessness, it is not a disease, but there can be symptoms of many diseases. Know the causes, symptoms, and natural remedies of powerlessness.

What Is Asthenia And Weakness In: Lack of physical or muscular strength indicates a type of weakness (Weakness). In such a situation, you may experience problems in walking, getting up, and balance. Weakness, also known as asthenia or asthenia, in which you feel physical fatigue.

Some people feel weakness in a particular part of their body, such as hands or feet. Some people may experience physical weakness as a whole, especially those often seen with bacterial or viral infections such as influenza or hepatitis. Weakness or weakness can be temporary but in some cases or chronic.
What causes weakness: What causes weakness?

There are symptoms of weakness and fatigue, as it is not a disease. However, the symptoms of weakness can be due to many other health problems. Common causes of weakness include:

Decreased potassium and sodium levels in the body (there are two natural electrolytes in your body)

Problems associated with the thyroid gland (both low and high thyroid levels can cause muscle weakness)

Respiratory or urinary tract infection

Myasthenia gravis: This nervous disorder can cause weakness in the legs and hands.

The flu
Depression or anxiety
lack of sleep
Untreated diabetes
Congestive heart failure
Vitamin B-12 deficiency
Side effects of medicines
Some muscle diseases

What are the symptoms of weakness: What are the symptoms of weakness?

Generally, weakness can be of two types, which may have different symptoms:

1. The weakness of a particular part of the body, in which you are unable to move that part of the body efficiently. In this, you see symptoms of muscle spasms, tremors, slowing down of the body, etc.

2. Total physical weakness, due to which you may feel quite weak, as you feel when you have the flu. This is known as fatigue, but complete physical weakness can be felt even without feeling tired.
Natural Remedy for Weakness: Natural Treatment for Weakness

According to Ayurveda, our diet is also a major cause of weakness. Tamasic food (a diet that increases physical debility due to intake) causes the accumulation of toxins in various parts of your body resulting in the onset of a disease that causes weakness. White sugar and refined flour increase your blood sugar rapidly. You are feeling weak and tired.

Adopt Sattvic food

Sattvic food such as leafy greens, nuts, legumes, fruits, whole grains is all rich in nutrients and nutrition, which removes weakness.
Cut a raw potato into slices and soak the pieces in water for overnight. After getting up in the morning and brushing, drink this juice as a natural tonic. This will remove the weakness of your muscles quickly.
Spinach is believed to be miraculous to relieve fatigue, include it in your diet.


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